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000007 : new vidz [Aug. 28th, 2006|09:08 pm]
[where am i at? |oaky, oakhurst]
[how do i feel? |exhaustedexhausted]
[listen to this? |avant ft. nicole scherzinger - lie about us]


just sharing some new music videos that i found interesting. just really exhausted at the moment, don't know why, pretty bored aswell, i haven't worked in 4 days now and its going to go to 5 days tomorow. i have nothing to do. i need to do something productive. i have spent the last two days in my bed sleeping, watching tv and ofcourse eat lots of junk food.

cassie video, i downloaded a version that was so creepy and made me not like the song anymore, but i finally saw the original video clip, and this one is HOT, i've seen it so many times and can't get enough of it. it's rally hot and i love it.

cassie - me & u

diddy & nicole video, not to thrilled about it, i thought it would be better. when my friend matty told me about this new song he saw on MTV on the weekend, i got excited for a lil bit because i thought that it would be a mad ass song, because it's diddy and nicole from the pussycat dolls. but after hearing it and seeing the video, i was a bit dissapointed. they could have made a better sogn together and a better video. the only highlight of the video was at the end when diddy and nicole just started dancing together. i just gotta grow into liking the sogn i guess, not into it yet, probably because i haven't heard it in a club yet, but maybe one day i will, and i'll get my groove on the dance floor with the song.

p.diddy ft. nicole scherzinger - come to me

avant & nicole video, all i can say that nicole is HOT HOT HOT HOT on this video. im sure the song is great if i listen to the lyrics carefully but its really hard to concentrate if you see nicole on her bikini suit or some dress, she just looks HOT. that's all...

avant ft. nicole scherzinger - lie about us

danity kane video, making the band. i dont know, aubrey and aundrea looks HOT but that's all. maybe i gotta listen to it carefulyl or i just gotta get used to it at first and it might grow to my liking one day but right now its an okay song and video.

danity kane ft. p.iddy & yung joc - show stopper

[ quote of the day ]

"Never question if you are in love or not, because if you were you wouldn't need to ask"

abby, I and kenneth, at the park down the road

my baby liyah, shes so kyoote

my cousins [ amis ] aren't they all kyooote..

sarah                    abby                                 ryan                   kenneth

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000006 : the weekend [Aug. 22nd, 2006|09:19 pm]
[where am i at? |the gardens, Acacia Gardens]
[how do i feel? |ecstaticecstatic]
[listen to this? |i want - BoA ft. Kangta]

the weekend

I hate it when the weekend ENDS it sucks, because that means its back to working, and remember the routine, no going out on weekdays. i'll take you back on an awesome weekend friday night at OPM @ space and saturday night at ELEVATION @ the Pheonix.


it was two awesome nights, as usual i was broke ass. not that much chiching for the alcohol, but it didn't stop me from getting drinks and having fun and most importantly getting my groove on, on the dance floor. friday night @ space just dancing my butt off on the dance floor and having heaps of fun with my friends, lot to drink but it didn't make me drunk as i thought i would have with the amount of alcohol that i have consumed, nevertheless it was FUN, with the capital F U N. after all that fun, had to go to straight to work at 5am in the morning, and trust me i did not feel all that well to work, but i had to so i did, i was tipsy while working and i was so happy all of sudden, well thats what my workmates told me and i was talkative, anyway after all that " fun " working for 7hours time to go home and rest. didn't get much rest done after i got home one hour sleep and back to the old house and visit my parents, and my cousins.

with the evening approaching the sun setting its saturday night and its time to party. saturday night @ skygarden was no different with the night @ space  but this night was more FUN since i was gone, i didn't have that much to drink but it was enough to get me wasted, probably because i have eaten that much all day, who knows? i didn't dance that much saturday night, pretty much walk around the whole night hanged around with my friends and just meet and greet new people, nevertheless it was a great night. after all the fun had to go home because the club closed. after getting my Double Quarter Pounder with just meat & cheese only LARGE meal, i pretty much don't remember anything from that moment on. 

i woke up on my couch, don't know how or why i got there. i don't even remember getting off the car, or opening the garage or opening the garage door. when i woke up i had the biggest headache around 8:34am in the morning, so i finally went upstairs to my soft beautiful bed, and fell asleep again. woke up around 11:20am and realised i had to go to work at 11am, but it's all good. just went to work an hour late with a big headache [hangover to the max]. no one said anything, and everything was good except my hangover.


[ quote of the day ]

"Love is not blind. It just sees what matters."

my baby aaliyah isnt she just so dayem adorable

i got bored waiting for my mommy to finish her grocery shopping

yes, another one of me, and no i ain't a lovo, i was just bored

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000005 : how drunk am i? [Aug. 18th, 2006|02:38 pm]
[where am i at? |oaky, oakhurst]
[how do i feel? |excitedexcited]
[listen to this? |Fatman Scoop ft. Lionel Richie - All Night Long [remix]]

i just took a test to see how i m when i'm drunk and the results are goood and true, except the part where is says "i probably get free drinks because im nice to everyone", i don't get that much free drinks i have to buy my own drinks to get drunk, that only works for girls, like these girl while i was at the bar she ask me to buy her friend a drink out of nowhere, but i was broke because i spent all my mone on drinks already, so i couldn't buy her friend a drink but if i had chiching, probably would have just to be nice.

You are a happy drunk

When you are drunk, nothing gets you down.  You are friendly with everyone, and probably get free drinks all the time because you are so nice to everyone.

yes, i m really really a happy person when im drunk, if i have "chiching" on me, i'd buy you a drink or two. i can be really friendly to everyone, no one can stop me from having fun, i'll be dancing my booty all night long no matter whta the music is, its a great feeling. i'll talk to anyone. i'll do anything, il drink anything, i will dance all night long

[quote of the day]

"A true friend is someone who thinks you're a good egg even though your slightly cracked"

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000004 : the one and lonely [Aug. 18th, 2006|12:27 am]
[where am i at? |the gardens, acacia gardens]
[how do i feel? |discontentdiscontent]
[listen to this? |4 minutes - Avant ft. Shawna [collipark remix]]

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elllo, hows it hanging everyone? not like anyone read my journal. anywhooo.
haven't written an entry in awhile (almost 6 months). where have i been? work? uni? clubbing? out with friends? all of the above.

but im trying to change that now with my new roster at work, no uni. i can get more sleep and spend more alone time. no going out on mondays, tuesdays, wednesdays & thursday just work & home, until it hits friday night, i'm out of the house, and saturday night out of the house, and sunday back at work and back at home. that's pretty much every week. 


it seems so alone here at the new house, nothing to do except wait for the phone to ring, the door bell to ring, the garage door to open, and my alarm to go off to go to work early in the morning [5:41am]

when is this "the one" gonna come and sweep me off my feet with her beautiful smile, have i miss my chance with "the one" because i was too stupid not to notice that she was "the one", have i? i doubt it, things happen for a reason right, does it really? all these questions, no one can answer except myself. am i just too stupid to wait for "the one", or should i go out there and find "the one"? is there such thing, "the one", one person made for me? do i keep waiting or keep looking? or am i just one of those hopeless romantics that hoped things work out in the end? things do work out in the end, it just has a crap way of showing it.

[quote of the day] 

"Isn't it ironic how we ignore the ones that adore us, and yet we adore that ones that ignore us?"

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000003 : melting spot [Feb. 19th, 2006|11:02 pm]
[how do i feel? |embarrassedembarrassed]
[listen to this? |i'm sprung [remix] by t-pain ft. pitbull]

Havana Bar presents WHO. [180206]

melting spot is right over there.
"whatta kyootie"
couldn't speak, just thinking,
instead of saying, just think
out of my league, i think
what a fun night


anyways, enough with this poem stuff let's get real. i aint good at poems.

last night was fun, i thought i wouldn't like it there and actually said the words,
"let's just go in for a second and then go to MYLK". i was wrong, i think i only needed a few drops of Smirnoff Vodka, a little bit of music, and girls girls girls, i've never seen so much girls on the dance floor at one time. it was good sight to see, trust me.

kyootieanyways, had a few shots, can't say the exact words of the shot because i might get into trouble, i'll keep it G rated right here. it was called Pink "Cat" , and a few bottles of Smirnoff Vodka, getting my groove on, and all of sudden i started to melt. after a few minutes, still melting, another 10minuto, still melting..
just gorgeous.. just kyoot..just beautiful....just melting right there...in the corner..

i'll stop right there, basically that was the ending, me melting.
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